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Thursday, 03 November 2016 12:23

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Thursday, 03 November 2016 12:17

Update of changes


Dear ECVPH members,

dear Supervisors, Advisors, Residents and Candidates,

Recently, significant changes in the Bylaw on Residency Training (previously called Information Brochure) were approved by the Council to accommodate requirements of the European Board of Veterinary Specialization (EBVS). The Council also made use of this opportunity to improve some internal guidelines. In this newsletter we are summarizing the most important changes. To get a total overview of the new regulations, you are kindly invited to enter the ECVPH website and to carefully read the updated bylaw to get informed on the updates.

In particular, I want to highlight some changes involving the rules and terminology of the residency programmes and the residents' training period and provide some comments on the procedures to be followed. Specifically, EBVS has commented that the "Individual Residency Programmes" as most of the previous programmes were called should be renamed into "Standard Residency Programmes" taking place in approved "Residency Training Institutes" (see definitions below). This means that in the future, more Residency Training Institutes need to be approved.

As a Council we have decided to implement these changes (mostly related to terminology) in a pragmatic manner allowing all currently approved training programmes to continue and assuring that all new programmes are starting in the right format and under the correct terminology.

  • An internship or other practical experience relevant to Veterinary Public Health of at least one year is obligatory before entry to a Residency Programme.
  • There are two types of Residency Programmes: the Standard Residency Programmes and the Alternative Residency Programmes.
  • A Standard Residency Programme consists of a period of at least 3 years but not more than 6 years supervised training. The Education Committee may award a prolongation of a residency in exceptional circumstances (e.g maternity leave, illness). A candidate must pass all parts of the examination within eight years of completion of the residency programme. The number of re-applications to sit the examination is limited to three (four attempts in total). The Standard Residency Programme shall be conducted in a recognized Residency Training Institute under the direct supervising of at least one Diplomate who participates actively in the training programme. Although the Standard Residency Programme is conducted within approved Institution, the full Residency Programme will be tailored made for each candidate.
  • The Residency Training Institutes must be approved by the Education Committee of the ECVPH. Parts of the training may be given at other institutions/locations which offer certain facilities or services not provided by the parent institution. Co-operation with other institutions is accepted and encouraged. Each institution will be allowed a specific maximum number of Standard Residency Programmes which will be evaluated and accepted by the Education Committee. Applications for approval of a Residency Training Institute are made in accordance to the Institution Application guidelines at least three months in advance of the first residency commencing (see Annex I of Bylaw of Residency Training). The Application guidelines requests information on the parent institution, the partner/collaborating institutes and an outline of a Standard Residency Programme that a resident would undergo in this institution. All Institutions approved for Standard Residency Programmes must be re-certified every five years. The Programme Directors are responsible for timely submission of the Re-evaluation Form.
  • An Alternative Residency Programme consists of at least 4 years training but no longer than 6 years with the same rules of exception. Alternative Residency Programmes need to be approved in advance by the Education Committee on a case by case basis but can by conducted outside an approved Residency Institute.
  • Full Residency Programmes (Standard or Alternative) can be submitted twice per year to the Documenting Secretary of the College ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) by the 1st of December or the 1st of June.
  • The Resident must submit his/her "progress report" on an annual basis to the Documenting Secretary by the the 1st of December or the 1st of June (depending on the starting date). The report has to be prepared by the resident and approved by the supervisor.
  • Residents who have not sent in their annual progress report for the previous year cannot receive any financial support from the ECVPH to attend the Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting or any Resident workshop.
  • In absence of sending the annual progress report for more than two consecutive years, the Resident will be set on inactive and will only be able to continue the Residency Programme after reactivation which will include a re-evaluation of the Residency Programme by the Education Committee.
  • At the end of the training period the resident should submit the final year progress report to the Documenting Secretary in order to be evaluated by the Education Committee (as every year) and an application to the Credentials Committee to determine eligibility for certification as a Diplomate by examination (refer to the ECVPH website regarding the Bylaw on the procedures of Credentials Committee of ECVPH).

Thank you for your kind attention.

Eleni Iossifidou

Chair of the Education Committee
On behalf of the ECVPH Council


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Thursday, 03 November 2016 12:07

Annual Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting 2016: Uppsala, Sweden – 26-28. September 2016

The Annual Conference was successfully held at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Sweden, on 26-28 September 2016 !

Attracting almost 130 participants being 77 Diplomates and 36 attending residents of the ECVPH the conference followed once more the earlier adopted format headed under the scope of „Challenges for the world – opportunities for VPH".
Both the organization as well as the scientific content of the meeting were once again of a very high level creating the perfect atmosphere for learning and networking. During the AGM the council proposed some important changes regarding the organization of ECVPH (move of the official seat from Ireland to the Netherland, adaptation of an amended constitution,...). As a council we are very grateful to the membership of the college for the unanimous support in all of these changes which help to ensure a healthy future for our college. We already look forward to welcome you all again next year in Liege, Belgium.

The "Roberto Chizzolini Memorial Poster Prize" was awarded to the Resident Gerrit Koop, Univ. of Utrecht, for his poster on "Discovery of a novel phage-encoded leukocidin shows adaptation of Staphylococcus aureus to equids"

​Also for the attending ECVPH Residents the AGM was a very good opportunity to meet, participate in interesting workshops and enjoy their visit in beautiful autumn Sweden together! During their meeting on the 26th of September 2016, the residents discussed various issues of interest or concern, including financial matters, the final exam and new representatives. They also enjoyed the Swedish hospitality thanks to their Swedish colleagues - who kindly offered them delicious cinnamon buns! The participants of the Joint Research Project exploring the "Economic benefit of a One Health approach" also met and discussed their views on the current version of their manuscript, to be submitted within the next months.

The Council gratefully acknowledge everyone involved in the successful organization!

The draft-minutes of the AGM are posted on the ECVPH website for consideration by (registered) members and residents of the ECVPH.

Jeroen Dewulf, President
Marilena Filippitzi, Resident Representative
Andreas Wunsch, Documenting Secretary

Annual Scientific Conference and Annual General Meeting 2017:
Liège, Belgium – 2-4. October 2017

The next Annual Conference will be held in Liège, Belgium, October 2nd – 4th October 2017.

Though the format and main contents of the Scientific Programme should be similar to the 2016 Programme topics as Outbreaks detection, education and teaching in different veterinary schools and the question on how VPH can be made more attractive to undergraduate students have so far been pre-identified. Further input from Diplomates and Residents of the ECVPH will be highly appreciated - thank you in advance for your contributions!

A draft Programme and Registration will be made available from April 2017 on, details to be posted on the College website.

Diplomates are herewith again reminded that attendance of the AGM at least once in 3 (!) consecutive years is compulsory. The status of Diplomates not complying with this requirement will be set to "non-practicing"/inactive.

Already now looking forward to seeing many of you in Liège next year!

NEW Diplomates accredited

After successfully finishing their Residency Programmes and having passed the Qualifying Examination (in November 2015 and July 2016) 9 Diplomates were accredited at the AGM hold on 27. September 2016 as new Members of the ECVPH: Harriet Auty (PM), Karsten Giffey (FS), Aurélie Courcoul (PM), Laura Falzon (PM), Isabel Lechner (PM), Alessandro Seguino (FS), Gerty Vanantwerpen (FS), Timothée Vergne (PM), Susanna Sternberg-Lewerin (PM).



Resident Workshops 2017

Subsequent to the CALL for proposals for supported Residents Workshop to be held in the Year 2017 the following workshops have been approved by the Council of the ECVPH:

Resident WS on "(Mathematical) infectious disease models and social network analysis", 18-19. May 2017, Berne/CH (dates might be adjusted!)
Organisers Objectives: The workshop will primarily address the curriculum's module A4 of the PM subspecialty on mathematical models. This module is assigned with a [P], thus practical experiences are highly recommended for its completion. We will combine theory and practice. We will also encourage residents to present their own work related to infectious disease mathematical and simulation models, so that they can profit from inputs on their research projects. Other modules partly covered are C3 from the core part I, where we will introduce and practice burden estimators (DALY, YLL and QALY), and C4 of the PM subspecialty where the part on network analysis based on tracking data will be introduced.

Resident WS on "Quantitative risk assessment in food safety including primary production", 25-29. September 2017, Liège/BE (dates might be adjusted!)
Organisers Objectives:
- The understanding of the importance of the risk analysis, and in particular the risk assessment
- Knowledge of the principles and concepts of risk analysis according to international regulations
- Understanding and use of risk assessment methodology
- Resolve several case studies from different areas in VPH
- Take into account the weight of evidence and the uncertainty in risk assessment

Further details will timely be announced and provided on the College´s Website!

The Council of the ECVPH is herewith in advance thanking the Organisers for their contribution and further efforts!


EBVS - "Double-Diplomacy and membership"

Along the years, and based on a rich expertise, several diplomates have acquired a double diplomate status. However according to the EBVS rules it is not possible to be an active Diplomate in more than one college at a time. In the past EBVS has not put a lot of attention on this issue but recently it has reemphasized this issue and is now actively requesting all those Diplomates that have a multiple diplomate status to chose in which College they want to be active. Obviously this does not mean you would lose your second Diplomate accreditation and Diploma, it only means that you should become 'in-active' or 'retired' diplomate in the second college. Therefore we also request all "double Diplomates" of our College to make a choice. We sincerely hope all of you will select for ECVPH as your primary College!

Jeroen Dewulf, President



For specific technical reasons and in order to improve its "web-performance" the ECVPH Council has decided to renew the website. Before concretely starting this process we would like to remind YOU, Diplomates and Residents of the College for your opinion and feedback and would thus be happy receiving your input on improvements and suggestions at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (subject: new ECVPH website) - We will do our best to take your suggestions into account!

Thank you for your co-operation and feedback to be received preferably before 31. October 2016.

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Thursday, 24 March 2016 12:50

Annual Meeting 2016: Uppsala, Sweden – 26-28. September 2016

This year's Annual Conference has as its theme "Challenges for the world – opportunities for VPH" and will be held at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden, on 26-28 September 2016.

The conference will cover topics ranging from advances in detection and control of foodborne outbreak within the EU, to the future role of VPH in an ever-changing and dynamic food- and animal health policy landscape. There will be ample opportunity to interact informally with experts in the field, from within and outside of the College, and also to enjoy the interesting and beautiful city of Uppsala. Post-conference there will be training opportunities for Residents. The draft Programme and Registration will be made available from April 2016 on the College website.

A contingent of 50 rooms has been prebooked in hotel that will be indicated with start of registration but due to an overlap of events taking place at the same time it is highly recommended to secure accomodation as soon as possible - further updated information will be provided at the website!
Diplomates are reminded that attendance of the AGM at least once in 3 consecutive years is compulsory, and that the status of Diplomates not complying with this requirement will be set to "non-practicing"/inactive.


RESIDENTS Workshops & News

Resident Workshop on "Animal Health Economics", Berlin/DE, 8-11 June 2016

course information is now available and registration has been opened (!) on the organisers website

The overall cost of the workshop will be 85,- € and to rent an apartment in Berlin together with other people will be for one person approximately 30,- € per night. Interested participants/residents who need to find an accommodation, please do not hesitate to contact

PD Dr. med. vet. Roswitha Merle on behalf of the Organising Committee
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Resident Workshop on "Meat hygiene and public health: to eat or not to eat?", Boxtel/NL, 13-16. June 2016

The workshop will be held starting Monday 13. June in the evening to Thursday 16. June 2016.
The program focusses on the Food Science part in the ECVPH PM program and will provide general and further specific understanding of meat hygiene and public health. The location of the workshop will be Boxtel, we will be kindly hosted at the Vion headquarters

Two visits to the slaughter house have been arranged in order to put theory into practice. Also, residents will be actively involved by discussing meat related public health issues in each of our countries. Day 3 of the workshop will coincide with the European Veterinary Public Health Assembly This is an international Food Safety Conference, with VPH specialists from all over Europe. This will be a great opportunity for residents to meet experts in the VPH field and get an impression of ongoing activities and roles of VPH specialists.

The main target audience for this workshop is addressed to PM residents since the content is focused on the Food Science part of the PM curriculum. It also is a great starting point for FS Residents at the beginning of their residency. ALL are very welcome to join!

For more information and registration, send an email to Tineke Kramer This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
on behalf of the organizing committee consisting of Derk Oorburg, Lourens Heres, Liese van Gompel & Gerrit Koop


Joint Residency Project

Since the 2013 ECVPH AGM held in Turin, 15 residents and 1 diplomate have been working together on a systematic review looking at the quantitative outcome when using a One Health approach. This review has now been completed, and the residents are summarizing the results and working on a manuscript which will hopefully be submitted later this year. This project was presented at the International Society for Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics held in Mexico last November, where it was awarded a prize for one of the best oral presentations given by a graduate student.


Other Events and Summer Courses

Residents please visit details here for any other training opportunities and courses that may be interesting and become an additional part of your training

From 12 – 23 September 2016 a two week summer course on veterinary epidemiology will take place at Ghent University. The aim of this summer course is to make all participants familiar with the key aspects of veterinary epidemiology in a practical and applied manner. Upon completion of this course all participants should be familiar with all basic concepts of veterinary epidemiology, be capable of critically reading and understanding scientific literature and performing basic statistical and epidemiological analyses. Moreover the participants should be ready to design surveillance, analytical or clinical studies and to critically analyze the results. Furthermore the participants will be introduced to several aspects of more advanced epidemiological tools. More info on


Diplomates and Residents:
Check your profile at and (Diplomates only) !!!

PLEASE assist us in keeping your contact details and other information up to date!. This needs to be done in two sites:

1) At, where you go to the bottom of the page, and login using your e-mail as username. Forgotten your password? – you can retrieve it from the site.

2) At where you also login with your e-mail as username. And there is an option to retrieve a lost password.

The passwords are only identical if you set them to be – and the two databases do not communicate. So please help us by keeping both updated.If it does not work – then let us know and we can try to help you out ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Please also refer to the Bylaws on the Use of the Internet and electronic mailing in the European College of Veterinary Public Health (ECVPH) !

Thank you for your kind co-operation!

Søren S. Nielsen (Honorary Secretary) & Andreas Wunsch (Documenting Secretary)


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