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Supported by a working group the ECVPH Council has elaborated, updated and recently concluded the new Curriculum of the ECVPH. The description of the review process and the implementation steps are described in the SPECIAL - Edition 17/2013-1 of the ECVPH e-Newsletter. As the review process took longer than anticipated, the Council decided that new Residency Programmes, submitted in June 2014, can optionally

a) be designed to follow the old curriculum without later amendment during the entire residency, or

b) be designed to follow the old curriculum with later amendment for adapting to the new curriculum along with an annual progress report, or

c) be designed to follow the updated curriculum.

As described in the 7/2013-1 eNewsletter, Residents shall be assessed for credentials and examined with reference to the Curriculum as it applied at the date of their enrolment into the residency programme. The updated Curriculum will become mandatory for submissions from December 2014 onwards. However, all exam candidates should use the update Curriculum to obtain a better understanding of the relevant FS and PM areas for their examinations. During the transition period, the updated Curriculum will also serve as a guide for examinations of Residents enrolled under the previous Curriculum. The examination committees shall accommodate for discrepancies between a candidate's residency programme and the updated curriculum on a case-by-case basis.

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