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 Dear colleagues

More than ten years ago, the Curriculum of the ECVPH was established by our founding Diplomats Frans J.M. Smulders, Dan Collins, Bernard Toma, Preben Willeberg and Roberto Chizzolini. Since then, the Curriculum has been the reference for assessing credentials, designing and assessing residency programmes and examinations. College members and stakeholders of our College have obviously been satisfied with the Curriculum as a framework for an up-to-date training of all relevant aspects of VPH in the two speciality areas of Food Science and Population Medicine. Nevertheless, ensuring that the Curriculum remains current, the Council has decided to initiate a review process.

In this Special Issue we present the goals of the review process, the intended process and describe what Residents and Diplomats (especially residency supervisors and programme directors) should know about the Curriculum Update.

All diplomats – not only residency supervisors and programme directors – are cordially invited to contribute to the review process. This Issue explains how this may happen.

On behalf of the Council I thank in advance all colleagues that are willing to take stock.

Matthias Greiner, President ECVPH

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