Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Professor in Risk Management in Food Safety, HOH Helsinki One Health

Job Location: 

University of Helsinki, Finland

Closing date: 

Sunday, March 31, 2019 - 23:45

HOH Helsinki One Health is a new network organization, led by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and cooperated by four other faculties at the University of Helsinki, to co-ordinate research actions within the area of One Health. One Health is a globally emerging concept recognizing that the health of humans and animals is interconnected and that their populations share the essentials of life: the genome, disease causing organisms, health, welfare, and the environment. HOH Helsinki One Health involves different disciplines and professions to work together to resolve emerging health problems concerning human and animal populations worldwide. In addition to other profiling actions, HOH Helsinki One Health will host several tenure track professorships with their established research environments in years 2018-2022.

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The professorship is based in the One Health Research Programme hosted by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Food safety risk management seeks for policy alternatives to accept, reduce, or minimize food safety risks and to select and implement appropriate measures. Official food control, based on food safety legislation and performed by authorities, forms an integral component of food safety risk management in concert with food business operators’ own-control systems and quality standards and audits performed by third body. Increasing complexity of food production and delivery systems, economic pressure, scarce resources, and increasing fraud, however, pose novel challenges for official food control systems and thereby jeopardize food safety. Enhanced preparedness and efficient prevention of non-compliance and fraud require new knowledge, tools, policies, and practices for food control authorities. Research based on diverse material originating from official food control systems and versatile methodology is needed to enhance the efficacy of food control. Efficacious food control enables improved public health without jeopardizing the economy or functionality of food business operators.

The applicant may be appointed to a permanent full professorship or a fixed-term assistant/ associate professorship (tenure track), depending on his or her qualifications and career stage.

The closing date for applications is 31 March, 2019. Please go to the to the application site of the university for the full job advertisement including the operational environment, qualification requirements of the position and the link "Apply for the Position".