EFSA Scientific Officer: Microbiology / Molecular biology

Job Location: 

Parma, Italy

Closing date: 

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 - 23:45

II. Selection criteria

1. Technical competencies

i. Professional experience in the area of feed/food  microbiology: experience in the identification and characterisation of microorganisms of feed/food or biotechnological interest, ability to describe their taxonomy, their characterisation regarding safety (antimicrobial resistance, antimicrobial production, toxigenicity, virulence) and their production process;

ii. Professional experience with tools and methodologies used in molecular biology/biotechnology (molecular genetics, genome RNA biology) and/or bioinformatics: ability to assess data regarding next generation DNA/RNA sequencing (DNA/RNA extraction, sequencing library preparation, whole genome sequencing), genetic modification of microorganisms or other systems (e.g. plants and/or animals) and to perform whole genome sequence data processing and analysis;

iii. Knowledge on risk assessment of feed/food additives or in similar areas (e.g. production and/or evaluation of scientific information related to feed/food safety or related areas): ability to identify the methodologies to be used for the appraisal, extraction and analysis of evidence. Integrate and weigh the evidence to draw conclusions with their related assumptions and uncertainties;

iv. Write scientific documents: ability to draft clear, concise and structured scientific reports, opinions and guidance documents using the appropriate scientific terminology;

v. Communicate scientific outputs to different target audiences: ability to convey technical scientific concepts to internal and external stakeholders (both orally and in writing) and make them understandable to the target audience;

vi. Knowledge on animal nutrition, animal production and/or toxicology is considered an asset.