“Red meat production chain: Public Health requirements and challenges in the field (with focus on zoonotic agents, processing hygiene and use of indicators to assess the Antimicrobial Resistance)”


Friday, November 19, 2021 to Saturday, November 20, 2021


This Workshop for Residents will be held in Prishtina-Kosovo, supported by European College of Veterinary Public Health in cooperation with the Department of Animal Science of the University of Wyoming-USA.

This workshop offers the opportunity for residents to complete parts of the training requirements within the residential training curriculum. Based on the Bylaws on the procedures regarding the Residents’ fund , residents may request refund for up to 100 € per day and the maximum amount that could be refunded for this WS (2 days!) will be 200 €, the latter also depending on the total amount of Residents applying for refund based on the total budget available being 1.500,-- Residents, depending on their status are eligible for costs reimbursement (such as travel,accommodation, meals) by the College if they do not receive funding elsewhere. Residents shall submit the claim forms provided on the College’s website together with scanned copies of the original receipts to the Documenting Secretary. The participating residents are encouraged to register for one topic presentation and submit the title of the presentation as soon as possible to the organizer. Interested residents will receive further information as to travel/flight  as well as accommodation and transfer from and to the airport.


Interested participants are asked to register at afrim.hamidi@uni-pr.edu by 25th of October 2021 with affiliation data and a confirmation for the registration will be sent back. A certificate of attendance will be issued by host institution and the University of Wyoming.

Organizer of the workshop: Dr. Afrim Hamidi, Resident of the EU College of Veterinary Public Health, affiliated with the Free University of Berlin and Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary, University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” Kosovo.

Supporting institutions and professionals: Department of Animal Science of the University of Wyoming-USA; Dr Karsten Giffey-Diplomate of the ECVPH; Kosovo Veterinary and Food Agency