COST Training Workshop on Network Analysis in Epidemiology


Monday, March 18, 2019 to Wednesday, March 20, 2019


FU Berlin
Veterinarium Progressum
Oertzenweg 19b
14163 Berlin


The Institute for Veterinary Epidemiology and Biostatistics of the Freie University Berlin is organizing a training workshop on Social network analysis in one health epidemiology  from 18th-20th March 2019. The workshop will take place in the seminar building (Veterinarium Progressum), Oertzenweg 19b, 14163 Berlin (Düppel), Germany.

It is financially supported by the European COST-Action framework and therefore FREE OF CHARGE!

Travel and accommodation within the responsibility of the participants, and a small contribution to refreshments and lunches has to be paid on site.



Complex networks reflecting the contact and pathogen transmission routes are ubiquitous in any epidemiological spreading phenomena in both human and animal populations. Complex networks can be used for investigations and modeling in such fields as food-borne outbreaks, animal movements, and animal trade. Recent rapid spread of the African Swine Fever (ASF) in the Eastern Europe as well as Belgium due to the interplay of the transportation network and wild boar population dynamics encouraged us to organize workshop to disseminate complex network tool methodology within veterinary epidemiologists. Moreover, complying with the One Health concept the workshop is aimed to medical staff, biologists and other epidemiological practitioners. The participants will be given opportunity to learn about applications of complex networks in the epidemiological modeling from theoretical and practical (using R/RStudio and Python/JupyterHub), data-driven prospective. The aim of the workshop is to encourage the participants to apply complex networks methods in their own research.

List of Workshop topics and Lectures:

Use cases of Network Analysis in Epidemiology by Prof. Vitaly Belik (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany) and Andrzej Jarynowski (Interdisciplinary Research Institute, Wroclaw, Poland)

Risk assessment in Veterinary Epidemiology by Prof. Marcus Doherr and Dr. Roswitha Merle

Wild boars and hunting from ethnographic perspective by Luděk Brož (Czech Academy of Sciences)

Introduction to Complex Networks and epidemiological modeling by Prof. Vitaly Belik

Animal contact networks by Prof. Thomas Selhorst (Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, Berlin, Germany)

Modeling multi-strain epidemics on networks, Dr. Fakhteh Ghanbarnejad (TU Berlin)


Geocoded Twitter Data: visualization and analysis by Alexander Bartel (IVEB FU-Berlin)

Livestock trade network analysis by Dr. Hartmut Lentz (Friedrich-Loeffler-Institut)


There are still free spots available for participants who could pay for travel and accommodation on their own. If you want to participate please immediately follow these instructions:


  1. generate an e-COST profile (if you don’t have one yet) at
  2. contact Andrzej Jarynowski or Vitaly Belik to clarify the details of attendance using your email address which you used to register for your e-COST profile.


We are looking forward to welcome you to this interesting workshop.

On behalf of the main organizers, Andrzej Jarynowski & Vitaly Belik


Marcus Doherr


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