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The ECVPH Resident Training Programme is a programme allowing a graduate veterinarian (“Resident”) to acquire common knowledge of and training in the concepts and principles of Veterinary Public Health and its two subspecialties, an in-depth knowledge of either of the two subspecialties, viz. population medicine or food science and their supporting disciplines, as well as the execution of a research project, all under the guidance and supervision of Diplomates of the European College.

For more information see information brochure available at the info&documents part of teh website

The current residents >> see updated list of Current Residents icon

Training "possibilities" for residents >> icon Preliminary list (48 kB 2010-08-04 08:30:06)

The NEW ECVPH Curriculum

A review of the ECVPH Curriculum was launched in 2013 using a participatory approach with an online questionnaire and a working group open to all Diplomats of the College, resulting in an updated Curriculum (see document for download below).

Transition rules

From December 2014 onwards, new residency applications must refer to the new Curriculum.

From January 2017 onwards, all examinations (except resits of exams first taken before 2017) will be based on the new curriculum, regardless of the date of commencement of the residency programme.

It is recommended to residents that started before December 2014 to adapt their progress reports to the new curriculum. Yet residents are not required to submit a new training programme for approval.

All examinations up to and including those taking place in 2016 will be based on the old curriculum. However, the updated Curriculum and in particular the keywords found therein will provide some useful guide for Residents examined under the old Curriculum.

download the NEW Curriculum >> HERE

Reading lists & useful information

- "Meat Inspection and Control in the Slaughterhouse", Ninios/Lunden/Korkeala/Fredriksson-Ahomaa

Templates & Examples


Residency Positions & Programmes

ECVPH Residency Workshops


Programmes and Annual Progress Reports in 2016-2017

  • SUMMERTERM: application deadline >> June 1st. 2017!

  • WINTER-TERM: application deadline >> December 1st. 2017!

* provisional Programmes may be submitted anytime (see information brochure!)




EXAM DATES in 2017

  • 1st. TERM: application deadline >> December 1st. 2016!
    WRITTEN: 5. April 2017 - ORAL: 6. or/and 7. June 2017
  • 2nd. TERM: application deadline >> June 1st. 2017!
    WRITTEN: 27. September 2017 - ORAL:  28.
    or/and 29. November 2017

 Residents who would like to go for the exam one of these two dates please inform the education committee as soon as possible!



  • Resident enrolment Fees (Euro 100,--)
    to be paid on submission of the Residency Programme
  • Credentials Evaluation Fees (Euro 100,--)
    to be paid on submission of the the Credentials for the Exam application
  • Examination Fees (Euro 300,--)
    to be paid on approval of the Exam application



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