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As part of the ECVPH Council's commitment to EBVS and to the College membership, the Council has been asked to develop a 10 year strategy. Thus a draft proposal has been elaborated which aligns to the College’s core objectives (as set out on the ECVPH website) and sets out a flexible roadmap to 2032.

We are happy to announce that a DRAFT-Programme together with the Calls for submission of Workshops-proposals as well as poster abstracts for this year´s ECVPH AGM & Annual Scientific Conference is now published!

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FVE, with the support of FECAVA and WVA, developed a web portal as hub to coordinate aid by European veterinarians to help Ukrainian veterinarians, their families and animals. On this website, we brought together all the information you provided us with over the last days. As this whole website was developed in less than 48 hours, it is still work in progress and it will be given hyper care over the next days/weeks.

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ECVPH AGM & Annual Scientific Conference

Further information and updates regarding the further development (as to COVID-19 and its impact) will be provided here!

Wed, 28/09/2022 to Fri, 30/09/2022
Hellenic Pasteur Institute
Workshops for ECVPH Residents

There are no upcoming workshops at this moment.