Constitution & bylaws


This is the adapted and approved constitution as approved on the AGM of 27/09/16 in Uppsala Sweden. A minor further clarification was made to article 16 sub 3 at 10/01/17 as a consequence of the approval of the consitution in the Netherlands to establish an assosiation according to the Dutch legislation.

This is the Dutch version of the constitution as it was laid down in the Netherlands for the constitution for the assossiation according to the dutch law 


This is the bylaw describing the appeals procedure approved 26/09/16

This is the bylaw on the Examination Committee approved 06 10 2015

This is the new bylaw on use of ECVPH website and electronic communication

This is the bylaw on reimbursement approved 7 october 2015 describing the rules on reimbursements for the attendance at the AGM

This bylaw describes the measures for quality assurance in the ECVPH

In this bylaw the procedures for resident funding for annual meetings and workshops are described

This is the bylaw describing the conduct of the examinantion committee approved 26/09/16

This is the bylaw on Associate, Non-practising, Retired and Honorary Members as approved on 10 02 2017

this is the bylaw describing the fees for the different memberships and actions

This is the bylaw describing the duties and procedures of the credentials committee as approved on the council meeting of 03/07/17.

In addition this Bylaw is also addressing the procedures on the Re-evaluation of Diplomates. As fully covering the contents of the former "Bylaw on the Re-evaluation of Diplomates"* it has thus further been renamed on 9th of March 2017 according to a Council decision and is subsequently replacing the former Bylaw*.

This is the bylaw describing the role of the resident liason officer in the Council as it was approved at the council meeting of 02/06/16

This is the bylaw describing all aspects of the residency training period as well as the requirements for residency training programs.

This is the bylaw on the auditors tasks


This SOP describes the procedure of awarding diplomas after passing the final exam.

This SOP describes the procedure for reactivation of non practicing diplomates

In this SOP the procedures used by the council to set members "non-practicing" or "deleting" members are described