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The EBVS Specialisation Award allows the EBVS to acknowledge contributions made by an individual or organisation to the progress and recognition of Veterinary Specialisation in Europe. This might include work on behalf of a College to gain it broad recognition across different European countries, or work in an individual country, across multiple disciplines in a single country or region to help gain recognition for EBVS specialists more generally.

As approved by the Standing Examination Committee (SEC) EXAM DATES in 2024 will be the following:

1st. TERM:  application deadline >> December 1st. 2023
WRITTEN: 17. April 2024 – ORAL: 18. or/and* 19. June 2024

2nd. TERM: application deadline >> June 1st. 2024!
WRITTEN: 2. October 2024- ORAL: 10. or/and* 11. December 2024

*depending on number of candidates!

Further arrangements to be communicated  at a later stage!

The registration to this year´s (hybrid) AGM & Annual Scientific Conference in Berlin (20-22.September 2023) has been started!

To register online please visit the Conference Website for further information.

The deadline for the submission of poster abstracts to the Annual Scientific Conference 2023 has been extended to 15. July 2023 - we are looking forward to receiving numerous proposals!

For more information please refer to the Conference Website


The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe (FVE) has launched the 3rd edition, VetSurvey2022. A comprehensive study of the European Veterinary Profession.

Please click the link or visit the website ASAP to be part of this: