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On behalf of the EBVS Secretariat we would like to draw your attentention to the call for nominations for the 2019 EBVS Award for Outstanding Contributions to the course of Veterinary Specialisation in Europe.

Nominations may be made by Colleges or individuals.

The Flexible Pathways to Specialisation group has developed a questionnaire to understand the (perceived) barriers to specialization across Europe and to identify possible solutions. The questionnaire has been designed for organizations with an interest in specialist training– it is designed to be completed by both those that currently provide specialist training AND ALSO those with members who either are or may wish to undertake specialist training.

EXAM DATES in 2020 !

1st. TERM: application deadline >> December 1st. 2019!
WRITTEN: 1. April 2020 - ORAL: 2. or/and* 3. June 2020

2nd. TERM: application deadline >> June 1st. 2020!
WRITTEN: 7. October 2020 - ORAL: 1. or/and* 2. December 2020

*depending on number of candidates!

Venue for ORAL part, to be reconfirmed and published at a later stage!

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