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The situation as to the the COVID-19 pandemic having been carefully observed and considered over the past weeks, the ECVPH Council in agreement with the Local Organizing Committee have once more decided to organise the ECVPH AGM & Annual Scientific Conference 2021 ONLINE and rescheduled Athens as a Conference venue  to the Year 2022.

Based on the proposal initiated at the past ECVPH ONLINE AGM & Annual Scientific Conference 2020 by ECVPH's past President Katharina Stärk we would like to follow up on the COVID pet expert working group.

The aim of the group would be to exchange views, experience and ideas on different risk management policies related to SARS-CoV-2 in animals, particularly pets.

The Council and the Standing Examination Committee of the ECVPH have agreed upon the below EXAM DATES in the year 2021 !

1st. TERM:  application deadline >> December 1st. 2020!
WRITTEN: 14. April 2021 - ORAL: 15. or/and* 16. June 2021

2nd. TERM: application deadline >> June 1st. 2021!
WRITTEN: 6. October 2021 - ORAL: 7. or/and* 8. December 2021

*depending on number of candidates!

In response to the results of the Residents survey carried out between November and December 2019, the Education Committee and the Council, supported by the Residents representatives of the ECVPH have prepared guidelines and a template to help residents to submit the Residency Programme, and the annual progress report, including the Resident Activity Log Book. While residents can still submit their residency programme and annual template and follow these guidelines.