Aims & Objectives

Aims of the ECVPH

ECVPH aims at the improvement and promotion of ...

the quality of animal health care and welfare by making available specialized knowledge and skills in the subspecialties of population medicine and food science to the benefit of the animals; 

the quality of veterinary practice through contacts of general practitioners with registered specialists; 

the structure of animal health care through enhancing the application of formal risk assessment procedures, quantitative problem analysis methods, systems of monitoring and surveillance at population level, food safety and process quality management systems; 

the structure of population medicine, risk management and risk communication by improving the knowledge and perception of veterinarians, livestock owners, food processing industries and the general public; 

consumer protection with regard to prevention and control of foodborne hazards and to food hygiene procedures; 

the further development of veterinary public health and its subspecialties, population medicine and food science; and 

the integrated, multidisciplinary approach towards analysis, control and prevention of hazards related to human AND animal health.

Objectives of the ECVPH

The primary objective of ECVPH is to advance veterinary public health and its subspecialties, population medicine and food science in Europe and to increase the competence of those who are active in these fields by

establishing guidelines for post-graduate education and training prerequisites to become a specialist in Veterinary Public Health; 

examining and authenticating veterinarians as specialists in order to serve the livestock population (at both herd, region and national level), the livestock owners and the general public;

encouraging research and other contributions, and promoting the communication and dissemination of knowledge; 

improving the quality of the service to the public.