Research Assistant in Food Safety

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Friday, July 19, 2024 - 23:45

RVC invites applications for a research assistant position with expertise in the application of statistical and epidemiological methods to tackle microbiological food safety hazards. The position will be based at the Royal Veterinary College and the candidate will work with other members of the Veterinary Epidemiology Economics and Public Health Group, which is part of the Department for Pathobiology and Population Sciences (PPS). The successful candidate will collaborate closely with researchers at the Quadram Institute, contributing to their Strategic Programme on ‘Microbes and Food Safety’. The candidate will appraise and expand existing probabilistic models of exposure to foodborne pathogens and will contribute to the conceptualization and implementation of new models. Although this is a research position, the candidate will have the opportunity to contribute to teaching and learning activities and develop educational skills, including contribution to international training programs.