EBVS Survey: Flexible Pathways to Specialisation Questionnaire - Barriers to Providing Residencies

The Flexible Pathways to Specialisation group has developed a questionnaire to understand the (perceived) barriers to specialization across Europe and to identify possible solutions. The questionnaire has been designed for organizations with an interest in specialist training– it is designed to be completed by both those that currently provide specialist training AND ALSO those with members who either are or may wish to undertake specialist training.

The working group and EBVS would like this process to be inclusive and, as such, would like to consult as many of our stakeholders as possible (including of course our colleges). We therefore kindly ask you to complete this questionnaire on behalf of your organization by the 31st of December. Please also feel free, if you wish, to circulate this questionnaire within your primary stakeholders and ask them to complete it.  It can be completed anonymously if the respondent wishes.


Thank you in advance for your invaluable help; we do not want to work on this in isolation and want to develop solutions that are in line with the whole professions’ needs across Europe.


Kind regards,

Areti Kesisoglou

on behalf of the EBVS Flexible Pathways to Specialisation Working Group