Registration to ONLINE Scientific Conference and AGM 2020 opened!

We are glad to herewith announce the start of the REGISTRATION to the upcoming ECVPH ONLINE AGM & Annual Scientific Conference 2020 !

It is essential that participants register in advance wishing to attend or the Conference and/or the AGM.
The two events are not linked so it is possible to attend either the AGM or the Conference, or both.
Please follow the link to the Website accessing the Registration tool and select your choice of "Registration Type" in the prepared drop-down menu.

REGISTRATION for both the online Conference and the AGM are now open and will be closed by Friday 18th September 2020!
Further details, instructions and links to access the online Conference and the AGM will be communicated after 18th September 2020!

The Council of the ECVPH is looking forward to meeting many of you online at the Annual Conference and the AGM 2020!